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Monster Chocolate
Moist, rich, chocolate layers made with coffee and sour cream, chocolate cream filling, and frosted with chocolate ganache.

Happy Lemon
Moist and lemony citrus cake layers, lemon curd filling, and lemon buttercream frosting. Makes an amazing Spring or Summertime wedding cake.

Mtn. Cream Cake
Two layers of citrus cake with a layer of vanilla pastry cream, frosted with chocolate ganache. It’s the best ’Boston Cream Pie‘ you’ll ever have!

Chocolate Carrot
The fusion of rich chocolate and carrots make this cake super-moist. Finished with a top frost of chocolate ganache.

Coconut Cream
Citrus cakes layered with coconut pastry cream. Frosted with almond butter cream. Topped with crushed almonds and toasted coconut.

Pineapple Flip
Fresh pineapple makes this upside-down citrus cake so delicious Baked with brown sugar, butter and vanilla bean.

Carrot Spice
Super-moist: packed with carrots, spices and white raisins. Frosted with lemon cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Trail
Similar to ’German Chocolate Cake‘: rich chocolate cake layers, and gooey caramel frosting with pecans and coconut. Topped with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, pecans, and coconut.

Strawberry Shortcake 'Kit'
All the fix’ins for traditional biscuit style shortcake. Sweet Cream Biscuits, maple sweetened strawberries, and fresh whipped cream.

Marjorie’s Soaring Hawk Cake
This is the best ’pan‘ camp cake I’ve ever had. Moist chocolate cake made with buttermilk. Cocoa frosting poured over the cake while still hot. With nuts and coconut or just plain chocolate.

Camp Eclair Cake
Pate choux pastry baked in a pan, filled with vanilla pasrty cream, a layer of whipped cream and drizzeled with chocolate. Like a deconstructed éclair.